Starbucks Has A New Holiday Drink In Town, And Its Name Is Irish Cream Cold Brew

Starbucks launched their holiday drinks in early November, but we are just learning that their launch was not even close to being done.

That's because they just launched a new holiday drink flavor.


Introducing the new Irish Cream Cold Brew!

Cheers erupt.

While it may not be March 17, Irish cream is definitely a forgotten flavor of the holidays. Think about how much people suddenly adore Bailey's during the holidays.

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The beverage is complete with their classic cold brew, Irish cream syrup, vanilla sweet cream cold foam, and a cute lil dusting of chocolate powder on top.

You can also get it in Americano form.

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It's very similar to the cold version, but it's made with espresso and hot water, Irish cream syrup, sweet cream foam, and more chocolate powder on top.

It's basically a Bailey's coffee, but without the alcohol!

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That way, you can acceptably drink the iconic after-dinner holiday drink any time of day.

Go head to your nearest Starbucks before it's gone!

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