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Dill Pickle Lip Balm Exists So You Can Taste Deliciously Tangy All Day Long

Let's be honest, pickles are magical. They're a delicious blend of sweet, sour, tangy, and salty, and they deliver a satisfying crunch. Plus, they offer a host of health benefits, including helping with insulin resistance and keeping inflammation at bay.

Much as I'd love nothing more than to munch on pickles all day long, I can't exactly cart around a jar in my purse. But I can swipe on some dill pickle lip balm, and enjoy all the flavor and scent of my beloved fermented food whenever I want.

Pickles are increasingly becoming a recurring theme in our lives.

The Stinky Candle Co.

From mints and scented candles to soaps and toothpaste, the delectable scent and flavor of pickles is seemingly everywhere these days.

Beauty products were bound to be the next frontier.

Etsy | BluePoppyBath

It was just a matter of time before pickles would infiltrate the beauty industry. Now, even I don't relish (see what I did there?) the thought of pickle-inspired beauty products, but I can certainly get behind a pickle lip balm.

They're not just practical; they're dill-icious, too.


These products are marketed as gag gifts for the pickle lovers in your life, but they're also very hydrating, and have a subtle scent and taste of dill. So, in other words, they're super applicable to my daily life and I can't wait to pucker up.

It also helps that the tubes look like cute little cukes.


And the green-accented packaging makes the tubes easy to spot, which means you won't be rifling through your bag for ages trying to find them.

They'd make a great gift for a pregnant lady.

Paired with a pint of ice cream, of course.

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