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Photographer's 'Down With Disney' Campaign Celebrates Children With Down Syndrome

One photographer's photo series is going viral for a very adorable and beautiful reason.

Self-taught photographer Nicole Louise Perkins is bringing awareness to Down Syndrome, once again, with a beautiful photo series.

Facebook | Nicole Louise Photography

A special needs secondary school care worker, Nicole had children with Down Syndrome dress in Disney character costumes for her 'Down With Disney' campaign.

Just try and stop yourself from smiling while scrolling through these photos! You won't be able to.

Since late October, Nicole has been sharing photos of the children in their costumes on her Facebook page.

Facebook | Nicole Louise Photography

Accompanying the photos are cute quotes from the movies and the names and ages of the children.

Her photo series has absolutely blown up, with tens of thousands of Facebook users sharing her posts over the weeks.

Speaking to TODAY about why she chose Disney, Nicole said, "There is something magical about Disney and I have always been a massive fan so I thought it would be perfect."

Facebook | Nicole Louise Photography

She also put together a calendar of all the kids in their costumes to further her campaign's reach and to spread awareness even farther!

"I hope the project helps people realize that Down syndrome isn’t scary and that the people that have Down syndrome don’t have less of a life," she said.

Facebook | Nicole Louise Photography

"They have great lives and along with that, they make the lives of the people around them much richer."

It's many thanks to people like Nicole who are helping to de-stigmatize and better educate the public about Down Syndrome.

Be sure to check out Nicole's Facebook page for the whole spread!

h/t: TODAY