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'Golden Girls' Wrapping Paper Is Perfect To Wrap All Your Besties' Presents In

Gift giving isn't just reserved for family during the holidays. Many people are so appreciative of their friends that they often give them a little something, too.

If your friend is a big Golden Girls fan, then you should highly consider wrapping their gift in Golden Girls wrapping paper.

If you're a fan of the cult TV classic 'Golden Girls', then this wrapping paper will have you all kinds of excited.

Etsy | OLIVIASSweetsCookies

It's all thanks to Jenna from Etsy shop OLIVIASSweetsCookies, who created the festive print.

Each wrapping paper piece is 19 inches in length and 27 inches wide, and is covered in a festive graphic featuring the whole gang in holiday hats.

Etsy | OLIVIASSweetsCookies

It also pays homage to a couple notable destinations from the show, including Dorothy's mom's retirement home in Miami, Florida, as well as Rose's hometown St. Olaf, Minnesota that she mentions quite often.

Shop owner Jenna also created matching gift tags of the Golden Gals' faces to accompany the wrapping paper.

Etsy | OLIVIASSweetsCookies

You'd better hope you get your friend's favorite character right!

These go for $4 a pop.

The paper will set you back $4.99 for one sheet, but boy will your friends ever thank you for being a great friend!

You just want to make sure they can say the same for the actual gift.

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