Canadian Firefighters Sacrifice Christmas With Families To Battle Aussie Fires

Canadian firefighters have answered Australia's call for help and will be giving up Christmas with their own families to travel Down Under and assist in battling the dangerous bushfires in the region, CBC News reported.

On Tuesday, a team of 21 experienced firefighters flew from Vancouver to Sydney where they will help fill operation, planning, and aviation roles for what is expected to be a 38-day deployment.

On November 10, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center tweeted that it has kept in regular contact with Australian fire services.

In addition to wishing their best to the first responders, managers, and Australian citizens dealing with the bushfires, the CIFFC also said they are prepared to respond if they are needed.

Less than one month later, Australia took them up on their offer and submitted an official request for help.

On December 1, the CIFFC tweeted that "21 wildfire suppression experts" will be heading to Australia.

Nearly two dozen firefighters from across the country have volunteered to give up their holiday celebrations to be part of the team heading Down Under.

Brian Pallister, premier of the Canadian province of Manitoba, said there is "nothing more Manitoban than offering a helping hand when someone else is in need."

Unsplash | Benjamin Kerensa

"We are pleased to help the people of Australia as they face these devastating fires, especially since Manitoba has been on the receiving end of help from friends and neighbors when wildfires and other natural disasters hit our province,'" he said in a press release.

The team of firefighters are expected to return home to Canada sometime in mid-January.

While they are in Australia, they will provide expertise and relief for the Aussie crews who have been tirelessly battling the raging bushfires that have killed at least four people and destroyed massive plots of land in New South Wales and Queensland.

h/t: CBC News

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