'Aladdin' Star Reveals He Hasn't Gotten 'A Single Audition' Since The Film

Poor guy. Well, show business is one of the hardest nuts to crack, even if you were in a movie that made all the money in the world.

Hopefully, he has better luck in the future, especially after this new interview.

He's good at what he does, so we have our fingers crossed for him.

So 'Aladdin' made a bunch of money.


Because of course, it did. It's Disney. It was Aladdin for heaven father's sake, we'd be more surprised if it didn't make over a billion dollars.

So Disney is happy, Will Smith is probably happy...

But what about Aladdin himself?


Mena Massoud, the young actor from Markham, Ontario is having trouble finding new roles since Aladdin:

“I’m kind of tired of staying quiet about it. I want people to know that it’s not always dandelions and roses when you’re doing something like Aladdin."

"I haven’t had a single audition since Aladdin came out."

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People have mistakenly believed that he has all these offers and that he makes all this money. But nope, his phone has been dead quiet. And he's at least a little peeved about it:

"I'm sitting here being like, okay, Aladdin just hit $1 billion. Can I at least get an audition?"

But hey Mena, if Hollywood doesn't work out...


You could always come back to Markham, buddy! I know some people who can get you a landscaping gig, and there will always be a seat for you at Main's Mansion.