Marvel Fans Thinks 'Black Widow' Trailer Promotes Fat-Shaming Against David Harbour

Well, apparently the internet is calling this joke that Marvel made "fat-shaming".

And yes, they did shame him for being fat, so the words are right. It's just... seems so harsh for one little joke.

But we are not here to be the judge. You are! What do you think about it? Let us know below in the comments!

So the trailer for the new 'Black Widow' movie is out.


And you know what, it's about dang time.

All the other Avengers got their own movies (except Hawkeye, but come on) so it was about time that Natasha got hers.

The trailer itself was really good.

It showed off some cool stunts, some cool looking characters, and puts Natasha back in action kicking butt.

But there was one moment that some people on the internet didn't think was so cool.

One moment they thought, featured fat-shaming.


David Harbour plays Alexei aka The Red Guardian in the movie.

At one point in the trailer, Alexei (who has seemingly been retired for some time now) squeezes into his old Red Guardian outfit.

And one of the girls at the table... calls him fat.

Twitter, in their usual way, has taken exception to this joke.

The angry braying of the Twitterverse arose once again all in unison against this fat joke about David Harbor. Below was one of the many anti-Marvel tweets out there.

What do you think about it?