Netflix Testing Feature That Allows Users To Shuffle Episodes

Hm... Well, this would be an interesting addition to Netflix.

It would only work on shows that are serialized, however... so it would make rewatching The Office pretty darn interesting.

Plus, just in general, is it something we even need?

We love to binge Netflix.


It's a lot like drinking booze: you have a great time to start, suddenly you get into too deep and have no idea what's going on, then suddenly you wake up regretting what you did the night before.

We've all been there.

But binge watching our favorite TV shows has become kind of stale.


Sure, I would love to watch Friends for the 15th time, but watching them from episode 1 to episode 2 and so on is boring!

And picking each episode at random is too much effort!

If only there was a way to shuffle the episodes...


Now there is (or, at least, there will be soon).

According to the tech guys down at Android Police, there have been updates to the Netflix app, specifically to shows in the "Continue Watching" queue.

You can now choose a show to "continue watching" but instead choose to "Play Random Episode".


But that's not all!

Say you share a Netflix account with other people and don't want them to know you've been watching Tuca & Bertie.

Well, now you also have to option to remove things from the "Continue Watching" list.