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Internet Responds After Man Asks What Bizarre 'Creature' He Found On The Beach

When you're wandering down the beach, maybe you'll find some pretty rocks or shells. Occasionally, we might find a washed up treasure or the body of a small sea creature.

Usually, we don't just stumble upon a giant carcass rotting away in the sand.

But that's exactly what Reddit user bcams found along the shore of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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I'm going to assume that the beaches of Canada aren't a popular place in December, which is how something that size went unnoticed for so long.

People were quickly able to identify it as a whale carcass of some kind.

That, or he discovered a giant squid and should be famous for it.

Commenters also noted that he should call the authorities to report it.

Which authorities will depend on your location, but I'm sure if you called a local non-emergency line, the police would know where to send you.

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Or maybe animal control.

It's not just about getting the rotting mess off the beach ASAP, either.

Scientists rely on these finds for research.

Besides giving them a chance to get a good look at the animal's anatomy, its cause of death can also be helpful data in environmental research.

As for the actual kind of whale, people were pretty sure it was some kind of baleen whale.

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That part is easy to tell, due to the giant striped sack section of the remains.

Eventually, someone with more whale experience looked at the pectoral and determined that it is a humpback whale.

Which is still sad, but at least it's not an endangered species.

Unsplash | Michael Blum

Small silver lining, I suppose.

It does mean that commenters telling bcams to look for ambergris were barking up the wrong tree.

The rare and sought after stuff could be worth a fortune, but is only produced by sperm whales.

Apparently, ambergris is prized because it can help perfume scents "stick" to human skin longer.

Knowing that a "solid, waxy" substance from a sperm whale's digestive system is good for that makes me grateful that synthetic options are now available for perfume manufacturers.

However, if they're into scrimshaw, the bones are excellent for that.

I know I wouldn't be willing to sift through what even seagulls deemed too gross to eat, but if that's your jam, all the more power to you.

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