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Princess Anne Shrugs At The Queen After Being Scolded For Refusing To Greet Trump

After being scolded by The Queen for refusing to greet Donald Trump, Princess Anne shrugged her shoulders and it's the sassiest thing I've ever seen.

PSA: Princess Anne is a legend for refusing to greet President Donald Trump and shrugging when the Queen scolded her for it.

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It was honestly a whole mood.

Who exactly is Princess Anne? Great question.

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It's hard to keep track of every single member of the royal family when we're only used to hearing about the fab four, William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan.

Anne is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and the sister of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

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Prince Charles is the father of Prince William and Harry — making Princess Anne their aunt.

But mainly, all you really need to remember is that Princess Anne is the Queen's daughter.

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And you're about to exhibit a very typical mother-daughter interaction.

Yesterday, the Queen hosted a gathering of world leaders at Buckingham Palace for a NATO 70th anniversary reception.

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This included President Donald Trump, of course.

And as luck would have it, someone happened to be video taping the Queen and Prince Charles greeting President Trump and Melania Trump.

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Suddenly, the Queen hilariously notices that Princess Anne doesn't seem to be apart of the receiving line.

In what seems like a confused panic, the Queen looks around trying to locate Anne, who is standing in the corner minding her own business.

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She gestures for Anne to come and fulfill her royal duty, and Anne's reaction is iconic.

Anne responds by literally shrugging her shoulders and holding out her arms like:


And just like that, Princess Anne has become my new favorite royal!

See for yourself!

I've watched this clip like, 50 times. It gets better every time.

This was honestly the greatest train-dodge since Stand By Me.

This legendary Princess Anne moment is going to be my entire mood for 2020.

Anything the new year throws at me, I'm just going to shrug off like, oh well!

I'm not surprised she blatantly curved Trump like that. She has a history of not giving two Fs.

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The baddest in the game.

Take notes.

Going forward, every time I use the emoji of the girl shrugging her shoulders, I'm going to think of Anne.

She deserves her own emoji for doing this, tbh.

She has earned the right to be used in a baby Yoda meme. That speaks volumes.

Thank you, Princess Anne, for serving us what shall henceforth be known as the greatest royal family shade ever thrown.

She showed up, did exactly the bare minimum of what was required of her, and then shrugged her shoulders at the Queen.

I do not see how this can ever be topped.

Congrats to Princess Anne for becoming the new MVP of the royal family!

Let us know what you think of Princess Anne shading President Donald Trump and shrugging her shoulders at the Queen.

That wasn't even the only shady thing Princess Anne did about Trump that made the news TODAY.

You might've heard about the President referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "two-faced" today, and he was referring to a video of world leaders seemingly gossiping about Trump behind his back.

Here's the video in question.

They never mention Trump by name, but it seems pretty clear who they might be talking about. Trudeau is there, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is involved, and so is French President Emmanuel Macron.

Notice anyone else in that group?

Twitter sure did. Twitter noticed the iconic hairstyle of none other than (you guessed it) Princess Anne herself on the right of the Canadian Prime Minister.

Obviously all of Princess Anne's newfound fans are excited about this too.

What should they all call themselves? Might I suggest Princess Stans?

This is certainly one way to bring some positive attention to the Royal Family's lesser known players.

Honestly, I think we should have Princess Anne taking a more prominent seat at pretty much any political event. We could all use some sass and comic relief.