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Wilfred Warrior's Bug-Eyes And Under-Bite Make Him The Purrfect Instagram Cat

There are plenty of pets on social media with small but dedicated fan bases, but it takes something extra special, a je ne sais quoi, a certain weirdness, to go truly viral.

It's especially helpful if the animal has the sort of expressive face that allows us humans to feel like it truly gets us. The late Grumpy Cat is a great example, because she was all of us on a bad day.

Sadly, in 2019 we lost two of the most popular internet cats: Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub.

Instagram | @wilfredwarrior

It's a sad day for animal-lovers everywhere, but it was also sadly inevitable. Like with all things, we must mourn and find a new furry love, not to replace them in our hearts, but to create their own niche.

If his expressions are anything to go by, Wilfred Warrior is resigned to be your latest obsession.

With just the slightest lowering of his eyelids, Wilfred is every one of us on a Monday morning.

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It's that resigned, glassy look that says "I'll rise, but I refuse to shine."

He's Karen at the office demanding to know who stole an extra pad of sticky notes from the supply closet.

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His big, wide eyes would be enough, but when you add in the under-bite, the effect is incredible.

He's that post-shower selfie that you think is sexy, but is just super awkward for everyone.

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While some people have expressed concerns about Wilfred's health, his owners told BuzzFeed that he's been given a clean bill of health by his vet.

His under-bite, while extreme, doesn't cause him any pain or issues with eating.

Instagram | @wilfredwarrior

Judging by the few throwback pics to Wilfred's kitten months, the under-bite seems to have developed later.

Seriously, look how odd and cute he was as a kitten!

"What do you mean this sweater makes me look fat?!"

Instagram | @wilfredwarrior

If you want to follow Wilfred, you can find him on Instagram @wilfredwarrior.