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Cat Seems To Meow 'Well Hi' With Southern Accent In Hilarious Viral Video

Sometimes I like to think my dogs talk back to back to me. Usually, this occurs after too many days at home, as cabin fever sets in. My rational brain knows that they aren't really replying to my queries, but I just need to talk to someone.

If I recorded any of it, social media would just see a crazy lady in ratty pjs talking to herself while a dog barks at the mailman.

I don't record these interactions for obvious reasons.

But one cat owner records plenty of their felines' shenanigans and she caught something special.

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Gambino is a pretty orange cat with a Mom who shares pics and videos of him and his brother Tom on TikTok.

They haven't been sharing for very long, but they've already got over 35K followers and nearly 1.5 million likes.

Facebook | Gambino Bambino

If those likes seem off the chart, that's because Gambino has gone viral due to one specific video.

His mom caught him meowing on video, which is pretty normal, except that the meow sounds like he's saying "Well hi!"

No just that, but the "words" seems to have a thick southern accent. Is Gambino really talking? Of course not, but the illusion is so hilariously perfect that it's hard not to watch the video and lol.

Some people have expressed concern that Gambino may be wearing a shock collar, but it's actually a pet tracker from Whistle Labs.