'Friends' Leaving Netflix US January 1st, 2020

Friends may be the show that defined a few generations, but that doesn't mean it will stick around forever.

At least, not on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the show is coming off the streaming service, and it seems it will leave at different times for each Netflix server!

'Friends' is the show that we go to when we are looking for a laugh.


It's an escape from reality, from the hardships of our world, and sometimes, just from thinking in general.

It's nice to get away!

But nothing good lasts forever.


And that includes having your favorite shows or movies on Netflix.

We know that Netflix likes to change their titles every month, but this coming January, Friends will be leaving us.

As we say goodbye to the decade of 2010, we also say goodbye to 'Friends'.


What a terrible way to start off our new year and our new decade, don't you agree?

Or is it just me taking this really bad?

This is the end.

So soak it all up while you still can people, or go buy those DVDs of the show, because it's all ending.

Are you sad to see it go? Or have you had enough?

Let us know below in the comments!