10+ 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' Mistakes Fans Definitely Missed

These are all the mistakes that Harry Potter fans have missed throughout the years.

We've also done some of the other movies just in case you might have wanted those spoiled for you.

It's just nice to know that no one is perfect after all, not even in Hollywood.

1. The White Towel


Just after the second task, Hermione wraps her white towel around Harry's shoulders.

However, in the next couple of shots, the aforementioned white towel switches between her shoulders and Harry's.

2. Where Is The Cup?


When Harry and Cedric are first transported to the cemetery, the cup lands on a grassy field, far from the Riddle monument.

However, in a later scene, it's right beside the Riddle monument.

3. Moody's Handwriting


There's a scene in the movie where Mad-Eye Moody is writing his name, as well as the unforgivable curses on the chalkboard.

However, his handwriting changes in between the shots.

4. Is The Wind Working?


During the scene on the Hogwarts express, when Harry uses Hedwig to send a letter to Sirius, he sends her out the window... yet his hair isn't blowing.

Shouldn't it? He is on a fast-moving train, after all.

5. Harry's Wound


At the end of the movie, Harry gets this scratch on his face. Or was it one scratch?

When he's saying bye to Dumbledore, it's a couple. When he says bye to Ron and Hermione, it's one long gash.

6. How Many Hands?


At first during the Priori Incantatem, Harry uses both of his hands to keep his wand steady.

However, in the next shot, he's seen holding his wand with one hand.

7. Voldemort's Mouth Moves


After he says the line "If they speak of you they'll speak only of how you begged for death," while Harry is on the ground, it cuts to Voldemort.

His mouth is moving, but nothing is heard.

8. The Tape Marker


There's a moment in the dining hall where Dumbledore says: "Eternal glory, that's what awaits!"

At this moment, if you look closely, you can see a piece of masking tape on the floor for the marker.

9. Voldemort's Sleeve


At the moment where Harry is captured by the statue in the cemetery scene, Voldemort raises his arm to Harry's head and says "I can touch you now" to the captured boy.

His sleeve falls down when he says it the first time.


A couple of cuts later, his sleeve is back up around his elbow.

He didn't even stop to move it! Yet another flimsy mistake in the movie (but not the worst, for sure).

10. Harry In The Tub


When Harry is in the bathtub of the prefect's washroom, the bubbles on his face change depending on the shot.

This isn't because he's moving around or anything, either. This is just a flimsy mistake.

11. The String


When Harry opens the letter from Sirius Black, at first he carelessly tosses away the string that was holding it together.

However, in the next cut, the string is in on his lap.

12. Hagrid's Double


In the dining hall, when Dumbledore is talking to the students about the Triwizard Tournament, Hagrid is standing the background.

Except it's obviously not the Hagrid we know, but rather his actor's double.

13. The Utensils


This is during the scene where Ron takes the dress out of the box. In the first shot, there are two utensils on the right side and one on the left.

In the next shot, they've switched.