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Urban Outfitters Has A Cat Shower Caddy That Should Rub Cat Lovers The Right Way

Those of us who own cats already know that the cats basically own us. They pretty much run our lives. I mean, you could just hold off on feeding them until the appointed meal time, but they're just going to keep meowing and meowing and meowing, so of course they're going to get their way.

But those furry little jerks have a way of nuzzling and pawing their way into our hearts all the same. Much like their hunger, their love will also not be denied.

Once you admit that the cats are in charge, life gets easier, and it gets a lot easier for your friends and family to buy gifts as well.

Urban Outfitters

So you may as well put this shower caddy from Urban Outfitters on your wish list, because it's as handsome as your feline, and twice as useful.

With a tail that loops over the shower head to hold it all up, the shiny gold-colored caddy wouldn't look out of place in any bathroom.

Urban Outfitters

Of course, it has a shelf to hold onto your shampoos and soaps and conditioners and all that, and a special hook for a razor — what a change from having a cat knock all that stuff down, amirite?

And hey, there's nothing wrong with a smiling kitty looking back at you in the shower.

Urban Outfitters

The cat shower caddy isn't exactly cheap, at $49, but hey, if it's on your wish list, that's not necessarily your problem.

Check it out at Urban Outfitters for more details.

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