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Enjoy Your Wine Without The Hangover Thanks To Rosé-Flavored Drink Enhancer

Your friends may tag you all they want to remind you to drink water, but the hard fact is that all the sodas, and juices, and other delicious sugary liquids out there on the market have led our tastebuds to believe that water is plain and nasty.

Thankfully, there are drink enhancers out there to help us get a hefty helping of H2O in us.

And now it'll be even easier with this rosé drink flavoring!

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There isn't any alcohol in it, so you can have your wine and enjoy it without being a dehydrated hungover mess.

The product was first spotted at Walmart by the folks over at The Impulsive Buy back in late summer/early fall.

The Impulsive Buy

Unfortunately, no one has given it a taste yet, so we're not sure if it will actually taste like rosé!

The same site also found a Berry Sangria flavor, which people actually seemed to say they liked in @candyhunting's post.

The Impulsive Buy

Walmart is really out here turning water into wine.

Now, if you're a little disappointed that there isn't any alcohol in these drink drops, alcoholic Rosé Water really does exist, and it can be found in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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What do you think about these drink enhancers from Walmart? Let us know in the comments!

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