Parents Online Are Calling Out A Mom Over Her $7 Snack Hack

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Parents are always looking for ways to make life easier when it comes to their kids. Everyone knows that kids are expensive and any way to save money is usually a huge win.

When traveling with kids, things can get pretty complicated and expensive.

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Having to supply your kids with endless food and travel supplies can totally add up. That's why we always appreciate a mom who is quick to share some hacks with us online.

One mom shared that she came up with a hack while shopping at Kmart.

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The idea came to her while browsing through aisles and honestly, it's pretty brilliant.

The hack is simple and it only costs $7 to prepare.

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The mom shared on Facebook that she used the fishing tackle box — which costs $7 — to hold her kids' snacks together on a long car trip.

At first glance, it seems reasonable.


But, some parents online began making comments about how unhealthy it is to have your children's food in plastic containers and storage bins.

As many parents know, plastic can be harmful over time.

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One parent commented on the post accompanying the photo saying, "The plastic can leech into food and be detrimental to your health. Of course, you are not going to get sick immediately but over time."

Another parent commented on the Facebook photo saying science has proven it is unhealthy.

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"Scientists have learnt since then that BPA is likely one of the reasons why kids are moving into puberty early along with a range of other things like linking it to cancer," they said.

Studies have also linked exposure to BPA to hormonal issues.

Many products created specifically for food storage are now BPA-free.

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While this idea is clever, obviously, glass is best.

"I reckon the idea is great, but I am glad that someone raised the BPA concern because sometimes I forget and I imagine some people might not know the risks," said another Facebook user.

And, while the plastic was of concern, others were more interested in knowing how the mom keeps the food fresh.

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Traveling in a hot car with cheese and meat that's not being cooled is... gross. It can also lead to a number of illnesses.

One person said it definitely can't be long-lasting.


"I wouldn't be worried about the plastic issue as much as hot cheese and slime deli meats?" said one comment.

However, the mom fired back saying that everything was fine.

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She said she did keep the food in a cooler until her family wanted to eat it, so there's one concern that was solved.

And, as it turns out, the plastic didn't kill them.


"We are all perfectly healthy, we weren't killed. So keep your negativity to yourself!" she said.

I guess people can get riled up over a simple hack online these days.

There are ways to replicate this hack safely at home.

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Since BPAs are a concern, simply look for a container that says it is BPA-free on the label or use food-grade plastic. As previously mentioned, glass containers are also an option.

These food-safe bento boxes are similar to the tackle boxes and can be found online for a reasonable price.


These boxes are from 3 Sprouts and retail for $7.99 on Amazon.

The great thing about this hack is that not only will you save money, it's much healthier to pack your own snacks.

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Fruits, veggies, and cheese aren't usually the types of food you'll find when you're at a rest stop during a road trip. Avoid the extra salt and sugar of gas station food by replicating this hack with the proper container.

Even though the hack caused a bit of controversy, it's still a great idea.


I'm all for any hack that keeps the kids fed and happy in the car. No one wants to deal with a hangry child during a road trip.

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