People Share The Wildest Prediction Of Theirs That Came True

Do you ever have a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen? Or, perhaps, have you ever had a dream about an event that ends up happening the very next day? People are always making predictions; and, while a lot of them may turn out to be complete balderdash, there are some that blow us away with their accuracy.

One person wanted to find out some of the most shocking times that people had seemingly predicted the future, by taking to Reddit to ask: "What have you predicted, that came true? Did people believe you beforehand or afterward?"

So, here are some of the most unbelievable stories that people had to share about the times that they gazed into the soul of the universe, only for it to present them with visions of the future!

Deathly Prediction

Unsplash | Scott Webb

"My mom worked with a woman that looked a lot like her. Whenever I visited (as a kid) I would always have to do a double-take because they had so many similarities. I had this dream. For months straight. About this woman that looked like my mother and she was walking down the stairs. Right before her final step, she trips and knocks all of her teeth out. I was so spooked and didn't say anything.

"Fast forward a month and I come home from school for lunch and my mom is home. Weird. She is sitting at the kitchen table and she's really upset. I ask what was wrong and she tells me that her co-worker, who looked like her, had fallen down the stairs the night before and passed away." — cdromdotcom

Dreams in which teeth fall out or are broken are actually quite common. They can mean a variety of things, including a deep-rooted feeling that the dreamer is losing control of their life.


Unsplash | Jan Huber

"We were going out, I said I'm not leaving my car here, a tree will fall on it. Took my car. Returned hours later to a tree had fallen on my best friends car" — Winkipop7

Bet your friend was fuming for not having the same prediction! If only moments of future-sight weren't so random!

Link Between Siblings

Unsplash | Elizabeth Kay

"I had a dream (more vivid, realistic, and emotional than my usual dreams) that my sister got into a nasty car accident on the highway. I woke up as soon as the impact of the crash happened. I called my mom asking where she was because nobody was home. She said she was on her way to where my sister was because she had totaled her truck on the freeway. It was totally surreal." — BasedRocker

There are lots of stories about people getting a strange feeling when they lose a sibling. Hopefully, this person's sister was alright after this awful event!

Predicting The Lottery

Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

"One time I jokingly said 'here are the Powerball numbers for next Wednesday' and guessed them all right. (It was over texting so I could check again)

"I lost about 500 million dollars due to not capitalizing on one of my jokes. That is a life-changing joke that I made that nobody (including myself) believed. I couldnt believe it when I saw the numbers. I'm still kicking myself in the rear over that." — zuesthed0g

I have never been one for doing the lottery. I know too many horror stories such as this one for me to ever allow myself to get sucked into that world!

"We need to get to papa's house. Now!"

Unsplash | Maddi Bazzocco

"One night, my girlfriend woke me up at night. She was shivering and sweating at the same time. Looked me dead in the eyes and said, 'We need to get to papa's house. Now!' Lucky for us, I listened without giving it a thought and we drove to her dad's house, still in our pajamas with no shoes on. We unlocked the door (she has a spare key as her dad lives alone) and saw her dad slouched over a chair.

"Turns out he had had a heart attack and she dreamt him asking for her help. We got him to the hospital in time, thankfully. Like OP said, totally surreal." — envenomedaccountant

Who knows what could have caused this; but, thank goodness that it happened! If they hadn't had this dream, their father could have died!

Amy Winehouse

Unsplash | Matt Botsford

"I once made a bet with someone that Amy Winehouse would be the next member of Club 27" — slimfastdieyoung

Quite a morbid thing to be placing bets on if you ask me! It was a tragedy that she died so young and under such tragic circumstances.

The Mini Statue Of Liberty

Atlas Obscura

"On an 8th grade trip to Washington DC someone asked where we were going and I for some reason said we were gonna pass the Statue of Liberty which was definitely not the case. About an hour later we pass a mini Statue of Liberty in some body of water on the drive. No idea why I said even said it, I had no idea that was there." — xomiranda

Gene Stilp erected the small Lady Liberty in Harrisburg, PA as a joke back in 1986. The statue still stands today as the people in the area became quite attached to the replica statue.

The Mortgage Crisis

Unsplash | Tierra Mallorca

"The Mortgage Crisis- I saw my friends with low paying jobs qualifying for homes way beyond their means!" — Basil-Hayden

I wonder if this guy could have featured anywhere in The Big Short. While everyone else is using maths and financial knowhow to predict the crash, there is a side-plot where this person just wakes up after having a bad dream about the crash. Actually, it'd be a much less interesting film if this was in the story.

The Janet Jackson Incident

"Picture it. February 1st, 2004. A bunch of us over a friend's house watching the Superbowl. Half time rolls around and as we mill about getting snacks, the lukewarm halftime show is rolling on the TV. I was watching it thinking about how little I could care about what I was seeing. I turned to a friend of mine there and said, 'Man the only thing that could save this halftime show is some boobies.'

"And seconds later, Janet Jackson's titty flies out. Agape, we all stared at her boob and then at each other. I have felt guilty all these years thinking it was my fault that her half-exposed fun bag crippled her career." — colive4

No one ever really likes the Superbowl halftime show regardless of what is happening on the screen, and that includes this unfortunate mishap.


Unsplash | Karina Vorozheeva

"I had a dream about an ex-boyfriend telling me he 'couldn't do this anymore,' and rambling on about it. the next day I was chilling with him and he accidentally scrolled to where tinder was on his phone or saw him asking another female to hang and hook up or something along the lines. I don't exactly remember. I confronted him and he said damn near the exact words that he said in my dream.

"I don't know if I was just paranoid and dreamed that but I just had a feeling that I was going to find him cheating in some way. Also, my cat never runs and hides from people. ever. but when he’d come to my house she’d always hide from him." — manabez

People often claim that animals can be amazing judges of character. It is strange that your cat would have just taken against this one person and that he ended up being a shady person.

Drug Bust Gone Wrong

Unsplash | Scott Rodgerson

"Around 5 I had a dream that my mom was going to be arrested. Woke up, ran I the living room to find them getting ready to leave. Told them not to go. They did and got arrested in a drug bust." — TheRealJammocash

Bad Vibe Apartment

Unsplash | Kipras Štreimikis

"When I was a teenager, I told my parents I had a bad feeling about a house we were going to rent. We did a walkthrough and the place just didn't seem right to me. I begged them to renew the lease in our apartment and not move. We moved anyway.

"Well, it turns out the house was very, very old (and I feel very much that it was haunted), and the landlady was actually a manic crackhead. A few months after we moved in, a fire broke out in the wall next to the wood-burning stove in the house. Fire marshall concluded the fire was actually due to old, faulty wiring in the wall, and not the stove. Crazy landlady blamed us anyway and made our lives hell for the rest of the time we lived there." — lunar-legend

This person went on to say that their mother did eventually admit that they should indeed have listened to them. Not much use realizing this after the fact though!

The Creepy Teacher

Unsplash | Marília Castelli

"Back in high school, we got this new teacher during my junior year. He was a really nice guy and was really friendly with everyone and was super talkative. I talked to the man once, just once, and I immediately didn’t like him. He didn’t say anything wrong or do anything weird but I just felt super off about the guy and not a single person believed me because everyone just thought he was super nice. Not even a year later, early into senior year, he gets arrested for having a relationship with a 15-year-old freshman (mind you the man was married and had 2 kids). Just goes to show that sometimes that gut feeling is pretty spot on!" — ClamMan501

It is important to listen to your gut feelings from time to time. There is a reason why people have inherent instincts, and they should not be ignored.

Baby On The Way

Unsplash | Camylla Battani

"Not exactly a prediction, because when I had the premonition it was already true. But here it is. Senior year of high school, my whole circle knew that my best friend was going to be asked to prom by her crush. She knew we all had a secret based on some hints and teasing, but we kept the secret from her. In one class with her, she tried to get me to tell her. I said no way. She said she wouldn't tell me her secret then. 'You don't have any secrets from me.' 'Yes I do, and not even (childhood family friend in group) knows.'

"And I looked at her and I knew. I knew that her mom was pregnant again. I said 'I know what it is.' She said no way. We went back and forth, and the more she talked to me about whether I knew or not, the more convinced we both were that I knew. But she refused to confirm my suspicion because she wasn't supposed to tell anyone yet. So a few months later, she came to me and asked me what it was that I knew. I told her I knew her mom was pregnant. She confirmed: 'She gave me the okay to tell people this morning."' — bearofcholes

Knowing What People Are Going To Say

Unsplash | Kyle Peyton

"So I was in a dream once and I don’t know if anyone has had this before, but I dreamed I was at school at lunch. I had some conversations with the people at my table, all are normal. Boom alarm clock. I went to school that day and noticed I knew what people were going to say and remembered that dream. All the kids at my table were kind of freaked out, but so was I. Maybe there is a way of seeing into the future." — cherrypepsi_

I wish I could have dreams which are as useful as this. Mine are just about giant porcelain dolls forcing me to attend a tea party where I don't like any of the food. Terrifying.

Fear Of Being Stabbed In The Eye

Unsplash | Perchek Industrie

"That I would get stabbed in the eye. The next day I got stabbed in the eye. Couldn't open it for a Lil while." — ThatOneGayWitch

A fear of losing one's eyes is quite a common fear. There are also a lot of references to losing one's eyes in classical Greek mythology, and Freud even wrote about the fear of going blind in his theory of the Uncanny.

Spotting A UFO

Unsplash | Albert Antony

"I was a weird kid. In elementary school, I thought it would be funny to act like I’d had a premonition, and so came up with the most random thing I could think of at the time: a UFO. I put on a stunned face, walked up to a couple of classmates and said: this Friday, look to the sky at 8:30 pm, and you’ll see a UFO. The following week they ran up to me and asked how I had known what would happen. I forgot all about what I’d done, so after some back and forth, they say: 'we did what you said. Friday night at 8:30 we looked outside and saw a green light in the sky! It even made the newspaper!'

"Of course I didn’t believe them. So, when I went home I checked the newspapers for the last few days. Sure enough, it was there - and dozens of people saw it. Except for me, of course." — -basedonatruestory-

Sensing Something Wrong With Their Grandmother

Unsplash | Rod Long

"I knew something was wrong with my Grandmother. A feeling in the pit of my stomach. I talked to her and she was having one of her sick headaches that never responded to migraine meds. She sounded not like herself in a way her headaches had never caused before but insisted she was fine.

Early next morning she knew something was wrong and managed to crawl to the phone and call 911. A burst blood vessel deep in her brain." - RelativelyRidiculous

Seeing Death Before It Happens

Unsplash | Matt Botsford

"So many things throughout the years. How and when my first dog died. Friends' suicides. Car wrecks.

Nobody but my very immediate family knows and they generally believe me because they've seen whatever it is in action, and I keep a journal...which leads to this part that scares me." -Vampira309

Bowling Scores

Unsplash | Karla Rivera

"Nothing big, but I predicted my mother and my brother's bowling scores. I went to use the bathroom and was shocked to find out that not only was I right, but the scores went in intervals of fifteen, with the order of the scores going highest with the oldest to smallest with the youngest." -MBO9876GAMING

The Accidents

Unsplash | Vlad Grebenyev

"My dad has been involved in two motorcycle accidents and a head-on collision. Somehow or another, I knew he was going to call and that he was hurt. I took all three of those phone calls and knew every time. I even knew he was hit by a woman in a white car, both times." -pinner

The Baby

Unsplash | Omar Lopez

"I once told a co-worker I had a dream she had a daughter. Unbeknownst to me, she was pregnant - I totally freaked her out (as she found out the day before) especially as I had the correct sex, and announced this in our group of coworkers WEEKS before her announcement." -fieryfish42

Fire Alarm

Unsplash | Davey Heuser

"Looked at one of the fire alarms as I was sitting in class back in high school, thought "the fire alarm is gonna go off today". Well, towards the end of the day, maintenance in the elevator shaft ended up setting off the fire alarm. While anxious from the alarm, I was also surprised I had been right." -SilverWolf807

The Dog

Unsplash | freddie marriage

"Me and an aunt were waiting next to a busy street for the rest of the family to leave my uncle's place so we could go home. Then we noticed this stray dog next to us, doing his usual dog sniffing business.

I said to her: This dog is going to die.

She laughed and said that was a street dog, smart and he knew his way around the hood.

We stood in silence observing the dog as he pissed in a tree, walked next to a door, crossed the street, laid for a few moments in the grass, peed in another tree...

We were staring at him waiting for him to die like it was some kind of prophecy...

Then the dog crossed the road again and Bam, a bus just hit its head and he dropped dead." -UnexpectedTourist

Brother, Brother

Unsplash | Kylo

"I dreamt my brother got shot, I called him immediately after I woke up and everything was fine, a few months after the dream he was murdered." -Ijustbechillaxing

Hunting Party

Unsplash | Derek Malou

"Dad went hunting and I told him he was going to get hurt. He brushed me off saying I was being silly. Sure enough, he fell out of a tree stand and broke his arm. Now he listens to my intuition." -Bunnystrawbery

Suicide Of An Old Friend

Annie Spratt on Unsplash

"Got an urge, out of the blue, to call an old friend I had not seen in at least a decade one night. Someone who had been nothing but kind to me. I even called my dad at 9 PM to see if he could get in touch with any of her relatives (they are in his social circle) and get me her number. Was not able to get her number.

"She shot herself that night. Many regrets." —Pablo-Lema

Seeing Into Someone's Heart


"A few years ago my old neighbor was out walking her dog and I was sitting in my car smoking a bowl when I saw her and thought 'she looks sad I should say hello I wonder how she's doing' but I didn’t speak up because I didn't want to bother her and I was smoking pot so I didn't want to get out of my car. 2 weeks later she committed suicide and I felt so bad that I didn't say something when I was thinking about it."

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a prediction or a moment of insight. If you see someone who looks like they could be struggling, then it can be nice to chat with them. You don't even need to chat about their health, but just chatting about the day they're having or the weather can be a welcome release to some.

Twins On The Horizon

Unsplash | Cullan Smith

"When I was 12 I had a dream where I learned from a firefighter that I would have exactly two children, and they would be boy/girl twins. I told many people about this because I was absolutely, 100% certain it would be true. When we were just dating I told my future wife about it to make sure she was okay with carrying and raising twins. My boy/girl twins graduated high school this year and are getting started in college. Their grandfather was the fire chief of his town." — Darnitol1

They must have really believed in this prophecy for them to talk to their significant other about it before they had even had kids!