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Dakota Johnson Talks Sad Reality Of Shia LaBeouf's Arrest During Filming

Oh, poor Shia LaBeouf. He's been having such a hard time recently, and you can't help but feel a little bad for the guy.

It isn't the first time he's been taken in by some cops, but this was a situation that was a little worse for him and the people involved.

So Dakota Johnson was on 'Ellen' recently.


Where she was promoting her new movie, Peanut Butter Falcon.

The movie is about a man with down syndrome running away from home to become a pro wrestler, only to befriend an outlaw who becomes his friend and coach.

But enough about this feel good movie.

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Let's get to the gossip.

It's pretty much widely known at this point that Ellen had no choice but to bring up Shia's arrest when Dakota came on her show.

Otherwise, what kind of talk show host would she be?

Back in 2017, Shia LaBeouf was arrested twice, once while filming 'The Peanut Butter Falcon', and once in January.

At the start of 2017, in January, he was arrested over his anti-Trump installation for an altercation.

The art piece was moved from New York to England.

But there have been plenty of attempts of a heist on the art, and it even had to be taken down for safety reasons.

So no matter how much he wanted it to be seen, it couldn't last.

His second arrest came in July 2017.


This is the one we are referring to.

He was arrested while filming The Peanut Butter Falcon and was charged with public drunkenness.

He was arrested in Georgia.

As he was being arrested, he obviously did not take too kindly to the person who was placing him under arrest.

He told a black police officer that he was "going to hell".

As one could imagine, this racial outburst upset a number of people. But LaBeouf did not stay silent on the incident.

Once he was released, he apologized for his outburst, and took to Twitter to apologize.

All this happened while Dakota Johnson watched from the sidelines.

Luckily, she supports her co-star and wishes him the best. She had nothing but good things to say, even though the experience was sad and difficult.

Johnson, like us, mostly felt bad for LaBeouf.

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“It was really sad and I felt very protective of him and I felt… that’s a really terrifying and difficult journey for somebody to experience and I felt really aware of that.”

She continued by saying:

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"You know, we were there to make this movie and [co-star Zack Gottsagen] is really a phenomenal human being and you feel very awake to the truth of life, and humanity, and love, and people, and real connections when you’re with him and that was a very important moment for Shia."

“I don’t condemn people for their mistakes. I want them to get through it, so that’s what I tried to do.”

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Said with such grace and poise, Johnson!

Instead of taking the opportunity to exploit him, which celebs have done to each other in the past, she showed humanity and love as she spoke.

Here's the video of her talking about the incident:

You just have to skip past all the ET Canada stuff, and you can get right to Dakota Johnson talking about her co-star.

It's pretty sad, and our heart goes out to him. But we're happy to hear that he is improving and working on himself!