Cradle Your Food Baby In Style With These Stretchy Thanksgiving Dinner 'Maternity' Pants

Has anyone else felt that awkward urge to loosen their pants after Thanksgiving dinner? After a big, filling meal, it's not unusual to feel like your pants shrunk in between helpings of mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Well, now there's a fashionable and functional clothing option for Thanksgiving dinner that will solve this problem.

If you're a fan of "Friends", you may remember the iconic Thanksgiving episode where Joey wears Phoebe's maternity pants to dinner.

Anyone who has cradled a food baby in their belly after Thanksgiving dinner probably wishes they had a pair of "Thanksgiving pants" for themselves. We need something stretchy to hold all that food!

Well, in 2017, Stove Top (yes, the stuffing company) made our dreams come true.

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They released a line of Thanksgiving pants for the whole family.

Thanks to "Stuffin-Stretch" technology, these pants are designed to accommodate those bloated bellies following Thanksgiving dinner.

Seriously, that stretch is very key.

They also have a convenient pocket to hold a dinner roll or two for later.

Because, no matter how full you are at the end of the meal, you'll inevitably want a snack in about two hours.

All joking aside, Stove Top sold these awesome pants for a good cause and ended up donating $10,000 to Feed America.

Sadly the pants are somewhat of a collector's item now, but there are other options to dress for Thanksgiving dinner.


A good pair of stretchy leggings or sweat pants should do the trick. Heck, you could even opt for real maternity pants like Joey did back in the day.

Another great option are these stretchy turkey leg pants, which can be found on Amazon.

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