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Kelly Ripa Fires Back At Fan Who Dragged Her For Calling Husband Mark Consuelos 'Daddy'

When it comes to Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, she's going to love up on him as much as she wants.

This was made more than evident recently when she fired back at a fan who dragged her for calling her hubby "Daddy."


Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos are one of Hollywood's longest-lasting couples.


The pair first met when Consuelos joined the cast of All My Children in 1995.

“I thought she was adorable, hot and sexy and all that stuff,” Mark told HuffPost Live.

“But I was very focused — I didn’t really think I had a chance with her, so I wasn’t really focused on that.”

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Little did he know at the time that Kelly was interested.

“I was drawn to Mark because he was positively an alpha male, and I didn’t think I would be drawn to that."

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"But, I just worship him,” she told Elle back in 2013.

Twenty-three years and three kids later, Kelly and Mark are still madly in love.

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The proof is in all of the many times they weren't afraid to show a little (read: lot) PDA.

Like the time Kelly promoted Mark's role on "Riverdale" in the sexiest way possible:

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"This is your thirst trappy reminder to watch an all NUDE #riverdale TONIGHT on @thecwriverdale 8/7 central. Did i say nude? I meant new," she wrote, along with some flirty emojis.

Another time, Kelly wasn't shy to admit that she was getting all hot and bothered by her husband's biceps.

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"Are you kidding me right now? I turn my phone off for two hours and you break that out?" Kelly commented, along with fire, arms, and sweat droplet emojis.

To be fair, Mark isn't shy about how much he loves Kelly, either.

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"I’m not gonna lie. The mrs. And I got into some freaky shizzzzz this weekend #itsbetterinthebahamas #anniversaryweekend" he captioned this image of them on Instagram practicing the Kama sutra yoga.

His birthday message to her was the sweetest!

"Happy Birthday Sexy!! I love you like a kid loves cake!!" he wrote alongside this stunning pic of his wife.

All this PDA might be getting a little too much for fans, though.


It all started when Ripa was so proud of her husband for making People Magazine's 2019 Sexiest Men Alive list.

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While on air for her show, Live With Kelly and Ryan, she even whipped out the magazine that featured her hunky husband.

“Page 101. Daddy,” she said, showing off the "Riverdale" actor's magazine feature.

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“There’s daddy," she added, which caused her co-host to jokingly add: “look at daddy.”

The praise for her husband didn't stop there.

Ryan took to Instagram to share this hilarious comparison photo of himself and Mark.

Shortly after, Kelly reposted Ryan's photo to her own social media.

“The Sexiest Man(s) alive year after year! @people #sexiestmanalive,” she wrote, along with five fire emojis.

While many fans agreed with Kelly, there was one fan who was weirded out by her flirty comments.

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I'm so sorry I HAVE TO LAUGH.

Never one to back down, Kelly didn't waste any time firing back at the fan.

"It creeps me out when you call me jelly," she replied, calling out the fan's typo.

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Jelly's Kelly's comment immediately earned so much praise from fans who loved her sassy response.

They were totally on the TV host's side:

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"#burn you crack me up," another added.

You know who else approves of "daddy" mark? Anderson Cooper!

So let's all rest easy now, kk?

At the end of the day, Kelly is going to love on her man as much as she wants.

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And to that, given how gorgeous daddy Mark is, we say more power to her!