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Hilaria Baldwin Fires Back To 'Negative Comments' About Her Miscarriage

Suffering two miscarriages in seven months is difficult enough without trolls adding "negative comments" into the fire.

Thankfully, Hilaria Baldwin isn't going to take it. She just took a stand for women everywhere by firing back.

Hilaria Baldwin isn't letting trolls who made negative comments about her miscarriage have the final word.

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Instead, she's firing back.

If you don't know who Hilaria Baldwin is, the last name "Baldwin" should definitely be a tip-off.

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She's the wife of Alec Baldwin and first met the actor in 2011.

Despite their 26-year age gap, they clicked instantly.

Eight years later, the family has built such an incredible life together.

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In addition to recently celebrating seven years of marriage, they have four kids together: Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo.

And, get this: they're all between the ages of one and five.

The mother of four has always been open about sharing the highs and lows of motherhood.

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This includes being open with the fact that she's now suffered two miscarriages within the past seven months.

The first miscarriage took place back in April.

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When it happened, she shared the tragic news on Instagram, writing:

"I think it’s important to show the truth...because my job is to help people by being real and open."

"Furthermore, I have no shame or embarrassment with this experience."

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And she definitely shouldn't feel those things. This has, unfortunately, happened to millions of women and will continue to, and it's not because of wrongdoing.

The second one took place earlier this month when Hilaria was just four months pregnant.

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It was a tragic blow to the family and especially Hilaria, who had just celebrated passing her first trimester a few weeks earlier.

The family was met with tons of support and love.

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Hailey Bieber, formerly Hailey Baldwin, who is the niece of Alec Baldwin, left a comment of love, as did many of the couple's friends, family, and fans.

To make the family's loss even more difficult, however, trolls began to make negative comments about her miscarriage at a time when she was so vulnerable.

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This past Tuesday, she took to Instagram stories to fire back at some of the “negative comments” she's received.

"All of a sudden I started getting negative comments about my miscarriage,” the 35-year-old wrote.

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Some of the names she's been called include “attention seeker,” “too old” and “disgusting.”

"The Living Clearly Method" author and yoga instructor went on to write that "losing a baby at any stage is hitting rock bottom."

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"Rock bottoms sucks. But rock bottom is also eye-opening. Because you understand and have experienced true pain. It makes the trolls seem even smaller than they usually are," she said.

"Because no words they can use can ever compare to what you have lost."

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The "Mom Brain" podcast cohost called out those who bully women who have suffered from miscarriages.

"Those of you who bully women who suffer as I have are bringing a cruelty to the world that is so wrong," she said.

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"You are contributing to feelings of shame, fear, insufferable pain. It is for this reason that I have stepped forward and shared as I have."

Hilaria made it clear this is not the kind of attention someone wants to get.

"Not for attention but because it is my life story and I decided to open up. You think I wanted this?”

She added that women need love and support during these difficult times, not hate.

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"I am part of a majority...not a minority. Because of societal pressure, most of us stay silent,” she said.

She continued: “And this can be one of the loneliest pains possible. I’m trying to promote the gift of being able to share what is going on … Just to know that we are not alone, and we are not ‘broken’."

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"We are just opening ourselves up to love. And we should never be ashamed of this… even when it doesn’t go as planned.”

As difficult as these comments have been, Hilaria made it clear last week that being open about her miscarriages has helped her to heal.

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She made these comments last week at the American Museum of Natural History gala.

It was the first time the couple had stepped out since announcing their miscarriage.

“I believe, when you go through something difficult, the sooner you make it into something real, you can do something with it,” she said.

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“And it was something that you don’t want to be real … I kept on waking up and thinking it was a bad dream."

"And it wasn't."

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"But the more that you talk about it, the more you make it real, and when it’s real, then you can work on it.”

It's awesome that Hilaria was able to stand up for herself and her family in this difficult time.

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Anyone who tries to troll a family in grief should really re-examine their priorities.

We're thinking of you and your family, Hilaria!