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86-Year-Old Larry King Reveals He Spent A Large Portion Of 2019 In A Coma

Longtime TV host Larry King sat down to discuss the rollercoaster of a year he's endured.

While speaking with "Page Six'" King revealed he had an unreported "slight stroke" in March of this past year.

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"Everything that’s happened to me, I’m grateful for. Maybe that sounds cliché, but I’m really, really grateful.”

He added, "I’m happy."

“I had what they call a slight stroke in March. Everything is back to normal, except my left foot. I can’t walk on my left foot, so I’m walking with a walker. It’s making me feel old,” he revealed.

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"But at least it helps me get around. Another thing I can’t stand is having people do things for me. I was always someone who did things for themselves.”

He continued, “They thought I was going to die in March. They told my two boys to come home. It was really touch-and-go."

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"I don’t remember any of it, because I was out during the whole time."

"I had a sepsis infection, I had a new stent put on the heart. It’s been amazing – everyone tells me they can’t believe I made it through.”

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"They say that’s coming, the more I exercise. I might have a slight limp. But I’ll take it.”

King is in good spirits and looking forward to the future: “I’ve got great kids, great family. Kids in Florida, kids here. I got a son [Chance] going to University of Southern California – he’s a pitcher. Got another one [Cannon] whose a third baseman for West LA. I go to watch their games. I’ve got it pretty good.”

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“I must be boring you with all this happiness,” he concluded.

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