International Delight

International Delight Is Celebrating The Birth Of 2020 With Birthday Cake Creamer

We're going into 2020 with a couple food wars here. First, we have the fried chicken battle between Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and Taco Bell. Now, we have Coffee Mate versus International Delight going head-to-head to see whose birthday cake coffee creamer reigns supreme.

Some may call it the Hunger Games...

Happy birthday, 2020!

International Delight

International Delight is celebrating the new year with a couple sweet new flavors.

They announced the news on their Twitter to the delight of many (see what I did there).

International Delight is really coming for Coffee Mate with their birthday cake flavor.

It's like when parents compete for the best birthday party for children who will never remember it. Maybe that's just the Kardashians.

Listen, I'm not trying to start drama. I know how the press can get in the way of friendly competition.

But, we really will need to try both side-by-side...

They're also releasing a Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte flavor. I'm wondering how this will differ from their Cold Stone Sweet Cream flavor, however.

Twitter | @indelight

I guess there will be a toasted buttery biscuit sort of flavor?

Again, we will need to try!

International Delight, we are very much willing to be one of your first taste testers. We have a lot of avid coffee drinkers in this office!

No pressure, but you help us stay awake and caffeinated.

In any case, which flavor are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!