Monopoly Introduces 'Longest Game Ever' Version To Really Challenge Relationships

There are a few good ways to find out just how much stress you and the people you care about can survive putting yourselves through. Really, if you want to know if you and your significant other are going to be a long-term deal, go shopping at Ikea together.

And, if you can actually navigate the store and agree on furniture without clawing at each other's throats, take things up a notch by assembling the furniture together.

Or, you can just break out the old Monopoly board.

There have been countless versions of the classic, family fracturing game of cutthroat real estate acquisition, but nothing quite like the new 'Longest Game Ever.'

You know, just in case anybody out there needed to spend more time looking at your smirking brother as he lords the amount of rent you owe him over you. Ugh.

The Longest Game Ever board is familiar, but there's an obvious change.


Now there are 66 properties on the board — three of each location, to a total of 16 streets in all.

And to navigate it, you only get one die to roll, not the traditional two, so just getting to the point of passing Go to collect $200 will be a chore and a half.

Even if you go bankrupt, you're still in the game.


It's not over until someone wins — and to win, you have to own all 66 properties. That's all 16 streets, plus four railroads and two utilities.

So it's safe to say that only the most serious Monopoly fans need apply.

If you think you and your relationships are up to the challenge, Monopoly: Longest Game Ever is available on Amazon.

Don't say we didn't warn you!