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Fans Think Shania Twain Called Taylor Swift Ugly In Latest Interview

Now look, when it comes to throwing shade, there's certain celebs we expect this behavior from.

Jeffree Star? Absolutely. Chrissy Teigen? You betcha!

You know whose name doesn't come to mind? Shania Twain.

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Absolutely it does not.

However, some fans think Shania crossed a line during her interview on the AMAs red carpet on Sunday night.

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Let's investigate, shall we?

While being asked about Taylor Swift's artist of the decade award, Shania lamented about T-Swift's talent.

However, she seemingly ends her praise by saying "you don't have to be beautiful to be a star," which really made Twitter explode.

Take a listen for yourself:


Naturally, the clip went totally viral.

The people were shook to say the least.

However. it seems as though the interview was edited to make it SEEM like Shania was being SHADY AF but in reality was being SWEET AF.

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Shania went on to say: "You don't have to be beautiful to be a star, but she carries her beauty with so much grace without flaunting it."

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Sis was clearly just trying to get her thoughts together!


Watch the real clip below and feel bamboozled the way I DID.

However, this here SWERVE Shania did after her AMAs performance is a whole other issue for a whole other day.


Hehehe just kidding, I think they truly love and admire each other you guys.

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We just love the drama though, don't we?

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