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Michael B. Jordan Is Ready To Play Superman, Met With Warner Bros. Studio

Michael Jordan has been known to dabble in some hero universes, both as a hero and as a villain.

So far, he has played in Fantastic Four as the Human Torch and he was in Black Panther as Killmonger.

And now, Michael B. Jordan looks like he wants to make the transition from Marvel to DC.


He wants to play the most iconic hero of all time: Superman.

Talk about ambition! That seems to be everyone's dream.

Variety is the one who reported his meeting with WB.


Apparently, the studio met with the actor earlier this year.

But nothing is confirmed with him just yet, and, really, nothing might ever be confirmed.

Why is that?


Since WB's "lack of commitment to the character" may mean that Jordan doesn't want to sign on to something that obviously doesn't have any clear plan behind it.

The question really is: do we need yet another Superman, when it seems Henry Cavill's story isn't done yet?


Do we need yet another reboot of a character?

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