Show Up To Thanksgiving Looking Like A Whole Meal In An Inflatable Turkey Costume

Instead of worrying about what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner to stunt on your family members, stuff yourself in an inflatable turkey suit from Amazon.

Hey — more room for eating!

Your family may or may not be shocked to see you strut through the front door in an outfit like this.


For some, dressing up in a silly suit may not be a surprise to those who know you best.

If you're interested in adding a little humor to offset the potential stress of Thanksgiving, look no further than Amazon.


They're selling this inflatable turkey costume for $46.42.

The set includes the suit, a self-inflating fan, and a fun little Santa hat, so you can whip the suit out again a month later!

This is probably the comfiest thing you could wear to Thanksgiving dinner, tbh.


There's plenty of room to fit an expanded stomach! No unbuttoning of pants needed.

Wearing a turkey suit is also a lot more sanitary than what dear Rachel did here.

What are your Thanksgiving day traditions? Let us know in the comments!