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Kacey Musgraves Claps Back At A Twitter Troll Who Dragged Her Personality

Look, we love a self aware queen. Who knows us better than ourselves, right?

One country queen who knows how to dish *and* take it is Kacey Musgraves.

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I mean... do we need to bring up what happened at Coachella?

Good, because any excuse to bring this video back I will TAKE!

We love an educational country queen!!!!

Anyway, Kacey is used to be dragged for her behaviour on social media. Remember when she gave PRINCE HARRY A HIGH FIVE?

This time, Kacey's here to clap back at a Twitter troll who decided they didn't like her personality.

In a reply to her tweet about her Christmas special, someone decided to share they thought her personality was *not* very nice.

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Hint: the word they used rhymes with GRITTY.

Kacey's response? "it is."

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Honestly, the fact that she could take the comment and play off it perfectly shows she has a very UN-gritty personality.

We love you, Kacey!