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18+ People Filling The World With Laughter One Complaint At A Time

For some people, there really is nothing quite like complaining. Whether it be about the fact that Applebee's don't actually sell just apples or the fact that BBQ sauces are far too saucy nowadays. And, thanks to the internet, people can no longer just complain to beleaguered and disinterested staff members, but to other like-minded people on the internet who share their penchant for pedantry.

Well, you will find below a selection of some of the funnies complaints that the internet had to offer. So, without further ado, here are 18+ people filling the world with laughter one complaint at a time.


Twitter | @arb

You can't avoid the fact that it's a saucy profession. They could probably take it down a notch or two though! I mean, "Bone Suckin' Sauce", really?

It Was Written In The Stars

Twitter | @ClifSosa

Oh my God, you're a caprisun, that's so weird! I'm a price-is-righteous, no wonder we had a crash lmao! Oh, I don't believe in insurance sorry, the world is my insurance.

Boredom Is A Dangerous Aphrodisiac!

Twitter | @abcdgen1

Good to know that the reason you likely exist is due to boredom and not being prepared.

Entitled Kids


Kids today don't know how lucky they have it! Back in the day, kids would be expected to forage through the urban landscape to feast upon old cigarette packets, and it never did previous generations any harm!

Being The Oldest Sibling

Twitter | @squidslippers

I think this is a great idea, then they should also have a "youngest kid in the family day". That way, me and all the other only children out there can have two days of celebration per year!

Ruined it, Or Fixed It?

Twitter | @sophiaallenx

I mean, at first, I'd be kind of annoyed that they had ruined my fairly decent drawing. However, the longer you look at it, the more the legs make it perfect!

The Trampoline Thief

Twitter | @TweetPotato314

Dammit Robert, stop throwing around such baseless accusations! Now, get up here and double bounce me!


Twitter | @olliethreads

It's almost as creepy as standing in the bathroom and just staring at other people washing their hands, that is definitely creepier.

*Starts To Sweat*

Twitter | @fatherrayo

In fairness, a straight "Yes" does sound angry to me. Perhaps I'm just as bad as this person though.

A Modern Tragedy

Twitter | @mbalii_mia

I had a friend once who actually broke down crying in the hairdressers, and they didn't charge her. If it hadn't been a truly terrible haircut, it'd have been a good scam.

Who's In Control Now?

Twitter | @fro_vo

"Ignore the missing socks John! Just listen to me, you're good friend Fuzzyface McHandwarmer, maybe we should make more friends?"

"Yes, Fuzzyface McHandwarmer, that sounds like a good idea!"

Why Is My Pie Buzzing?

Twitter | @heelyfanaccount

At least the bees are apple-flavored! Better than those normal bees you can eat, they're awful spicy!

Group Projects

Twitter | @chelexaaaa

Group projects are the office-team-building exercises of high-school, and are just as annoying and pointless.

Must. Keep. Smiling!

Twitter | @FreddyAmazin

Ah, yes, the searing burning sensation on your skin of pretending to be happy when you're really a hollow potato man, I know this feeling well!

Clear As A Bell

Instagram | onechurchstudentgroup

I also used to particularly enjoy it when they would have a picture of something like, the moon for instance, and they would write, "Not to scale" underneath it. Wow, thanks.

*Sighs In Medical Bills*

Twitter | @jarrettstodg

"It looks lovely Gran!"

*Gasps: "How very dare you!"

The Drunken Photoshoot

Twitter | @kaylasheagg

Look, I hate McDonald's breakfast (yes, let the abuse rain down upon me) but the hash browns are amazing! Also, never before has such dignity been bestowed upon a McDonald's breakfast before!

Last Minute Plans

Twitter | @mbalii_mia

Once you get past the age of 21, anyone looking for last-minute plans would have better luck catching a shiny MewTwo in Pokemon Red/Blue. (The release of the new Pokemon game has sadly caused me to return to being a child once again)

Cat Struggles

Twitter | @ikissonthelips

It's almost like your cat doesn't love you. Oh, wait, that's because your cat doesn't love you! They are incapable of love!

"Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?"

Twitter | @jenlapcomedy

Using dating apps for tech support would be an interesting use of that service. Imagine matching with David from 4 miles away and just popping up saying, "So, what is your troubleshooting process?" Actually, that could work better than most people's opening lines!