Mom's Holiday Hack Will Help Stop Shopping Meltdowns In Their Tracks

Holiday shopping can be so much fun... unless you have kids. Then, it can easily turn into a nightmare. Toys are all over the place on full display, and even hiding in unsuspecting places. So, unless you have the most well-behaved kids in the world who never ask for anything, you're in trouble.

One smart mom came up with a cool trick that stops her daughter from wanting the whole store and she's been generous enough to share it with the rest of us.

Kristina Watts used to put up with tamper tantrums while holiday shopping with her daughter until she came up with one genius idea.

And, it's as simple as this:

Just take a picture. That's right.

Facebook | Kristina Watts

Kristina discovered she could tell her daughter that she's taking a picture of her with the item she wants, then she'll send it to Santa.

Somehow, this fun process has pretty much eliminated the tamper tantrums all together.

Facebook | Kristina Watts

It seems pretty simple, doesn't it? I bet you're thinking "Why haven't I thought of this?"

Her daughter now just smiles says "cheese" and then after viewing the picture just puts the toy down and WALKS AWAY!

Facebook | Kristina Watts

Say what? I can't believe this actually works.

But, apparently it does.

Facebook | Kristina Watts

Kristina has tested this time and time again, and it works every single time. Her daughter pretty much forgets about the item and just moves on.

That sounds like every parent's shopping miracle if you ask me.

Facebook | Kristina Watts

Hee, hee. Kristina was so happy to discover this trick that she was more than happy to share it with other parents online.

After Kristina posted this trick to Facebook she ended up getting 25,000 views, 14,000 comments, and about 48,000 shares.

Wow, that's definitely going viral. And, it's pretty amazing!

People obviously loved her idea and said that they couldn't wait to try it on their kids.

Facebook | Kristina Watts

I bet they will be happy that they did. It's worth a try.

Wow, who knew there was a silver lining when it comes to holiday shopping with your kids?

Right? Do you think this trick would work on your kids?