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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Could Be His Twin In New Instagram Post

Many of us will face the day that someone tells us we look like our parents. For some of us, it starts when we're just babies, and others will mature into their mom or dad's face.

For Joseph Baena, he got there through a strict gym regimen.

Joseph is Arnold Schwarzenegger's son with his former housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

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Joseph, 22, was nominated for the "#classicchallenge" where Instagram users who love bodybuilding imitate Arnold's classic bodybuilding poses. Whoever decided to challenge Joseph to this definitely found the winner.

This is the shot he shared.

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"Got nominated for the #classicchallenge by @dakota_stinson_ , so HERE YA GO! I nominate @mattmichaelk @zachandrews__ & @bradleymartyn hit your favorite classic pose!" he wrote alongside this very familiar shot.

It was compared to this iconic shot of his father.

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“Arnold 2.0 no doubt,” one of Joseph's followers commented on his picture, while another said, “Starting to look like your father!”

"Like father, like son," read another comment.

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"A Legacy that Looks like it shall continue and possible even surpass the predecessor... I'm very excited and am looking forward to watching your career..." wrote one commenter.

Obviously, Joseph isn't the only celebrity kid who could start a double act.

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Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava is practically a clone of her mom, which is not something that's gone unnoticed by the general public, who've been calling her her mom's "mini-me" since she was a toddler.

John Legend may also have access to the secret Hollywood cloning facility.

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John's son Miles is a spitting image of his dad. This bodes well for Miles' future, considering his dad was just recently named People's Sexiest Man Alive.

I'd be much happier about looking like my dad if he'd won that when he was younger.

Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber is a supermodel and a super-lookalike.

For her 18th birthday earlier this year, Kaia even dressed up like her mom to show how much the two look alike. That's dedication.

Courteney Cox's daughter Coco took things a step further.

She didn't just dress like her mom, she wore the exact same dress as her mom, 21 years later. I bet Courteney was glad she didn't sell or give away that dress!

Maya Hawke could play a younger version of her mom, Uma Thurman, easily.

If anyone was ever interested in doing a Kill Bill prequel, Maya would be a perfect casting choice.

Celebrity genes are definitely powerful!