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Take Thanksgiving Dinner To New Heights With Weed-Infused Gravy

No matter how excited we all get for Thanksgiving, we know darn well what awaits us. Everything is all fine and dandy when the family arrives, but boy oh boy can things get heated between family members after the apps are brought out.

There's nothing like crunching on a Triscuit with cheese while your family starts arguing about who gets to mash the potatoes, am I right?

But a light bulb goes off — those mashed potatoes could really use some gravy, but not just any gravy. Weed gravy.

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Your family needs to chill out, and so do you.

This weed-infused turkey gravy is brought to you by KIVA Confections, a California-based company that makes a variety of cannabis-infused confections.

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According to the company, this gravy's weed properties are "fast-acting."

Consumers can expect to feel the effects in just under 15 minutes, perfect timing for dessert.

The single-serve gravy packet is infused with 10mg of THC and uses traditional turkey gravy ingredients, like turkey stock, salt, onion, and garlic.

You can ensure the taste of your Thanksgiving dinner won't be compromised.

I mean, if anything, it'll taste a whole lot better. Just don't expect there to be any leftovers.

Unfortunately, it's only available in California right now.

It doesn't mean you can't perfect your own recipe.

High-ppy Thanksgiving!

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