Netflix's 'Sex Education' Season 2 Returns January 17th 2020

Lucky for you, Sex Education fans.

It seems that the show you love so much is going to get a second season, which is good news if that's what you wanted.

If you haven't watched it yet, you really should. There's nothing like British humor.

'Sex Education' is a hilarious comedy on Netflix.


It comes to us from jolly old Britain, and it's a show about a bunch of kids being guided through some of their most confusing sexual times: being a teenager.

Season 1 ended with the kids at Moordale Secondary school in a bit of a pickle...


There was a chlamydia outbreak at the school, which highlights the need for more "sex education".

Get it? Because they're getting a second season, which means we'll also be getting more "Sex education?"

The new season is dropping on January 17th 2020.


So mark your calendars, cancel your plans for that day and get your bed all comfy, because you're going to have some binge-watching to do if you're a Sex Education fan.

We also got some sweet first look photos...


Which I have been sneakily showing you throughout this whole article.

It looks like this new season is going to be a lot of fun, and fans can't wait for it to drop.