'Frozen 2' Smashes Global Box Office Record

When Frozen originally came out, it dominated the box office and stole our poor Disney-loving hearts. So when Frozen 2 came out, people were extremely excited.

Of course, the sequel to the highest-grossing animated movie of all time was going to make a little bit of money.

Whether it was good or not, people were bound to see it.

Like Thanos, this was inevitable.


When the previous movie is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, your sequel is bound to get a couple of people to come in and watch it.

Kind of like Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.

But 'Frozen 2' is no 'Simba's Pride'.


Not only is it getting a theatrical release, but it's hard to compare The Lion King to Frozen because they're two different beasts entirely.

However, Frozen 2 follows the same formula as Frozen. It has great music, beautiful animation, and a cast of loveable characters.

And despite how you may feel about sequels, remember that children (and hardcore Disney fans) will never be able to get enough.


So Disney had this in the bag before the movie was even released.

The company definitely knows what they're doing.

Forbes made the official announcement on Twitter.


After making $127 million domestically and $350 worldwide, it's the largest release that Walt Disney Animation Studios has had in its entire history.

We assume this will be until, of course, Frozen 3 comes out.