10+ Hidden Details In 'Frozen 2' Fans Probably Missed

These are all the easter eggs that fans may have missed out on their first time seeing this movie in the theatre.

Don't worry, we'll point them out and you can go see it again. Then maybe you can let us know if you spotted any new ones!

1. The Post Credits Scene


In typical Disney fashion, they did a post-credits scene for Frozen 2.

In this one, we see that Elsa has brought all the creatures she created back to life, including some old faces like Marshmellow!

That's right, Marshmellow the ice giant and the ice germs from 'Frozen Fever' sit and listen to Olaf retelling the story of 'Frozen 2'.


Marshmellow is, of course, delighted by the story.

2. Elsa Doesn't Like 'Let It Go'


There's a scene where she walks past a memory of her singing "Let It Go" and she cringes.

Not because it was a bad song or anything, it was just parents were tortured by it for months after the movie came out.

It was Elsa's way of apologizing, sort of.

3. Kristoff's Power Ballad


There's a scene in the movie where Kristoff is singing his new song "Lost in the Woods".

It's pretty much an '80s power ballad with a lot of references to "Bohemian Rhapsody".

4. A Reference To An Unmade Movie


Bruni is a fire spirit that's playful and fun and will surely sell a lot of toys.

But they actually took his design from an unmade Pixar movie called Newt.

As to why the movie was never made, no one knows.

5. Anna Recognizes Lieutenant Mattias


There's this new character in the movie Lieutenant Mattias, who was King Agnarr's a long time ago.

Anna actually recognizes him because she saw his painting before. You'll remember Anna spent a lot of time looking at paintings prior to the events of Frozen.

6. The Jerry MaGuire Reference


There's a scene when they gang first embarks on their journey when they're being pulled by a reindeer-drawn cart where Olaf is rattling off trivia he's picked up.

This is very similar to a Jerry MaGuire where Renee Zellweger does the same thing to Tom Cruise.

7. They Mention Hans


Good ol' Hans gets a couple mentions in the movie. During a game of charades, they use him as an example of a villain.

Anna at one point says to her sister: "Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountain, survived a frozen heart and saved you from my ex-boyfriend," and finally, Elsa smashes an ice sculpture of him in her memories.

8. Hidden Mickeys


We all know that Disney likes to hide Mickeys in their movies (the three circles, you know what I'm talking about).

The first one is during the charades game, where Olaf uses his image to represent "mouse".

Later, while she's singing "Into the Unknown", Elsa uses her powers and for just a second, you can see that familiar Mickey silhouette.


That's all the Mickeys we could find... but there might be more.

9. Olaf's Death


You read that right! Frozen 2 is hardcore!

Because of that, all the creatures she created cease to exist.

His death is actually quite similar to Spider-man's (among others) in 'Avengers: Infinity War'.


He fades away into dust, just like if Thanos snapped him away.

He comes back though. Don't worry, they're not that hardcore.

10. The Open Gates


One of the first things we see in Frozen 2 is the open gates of Arendelle. This is a reference to the first movie that started with them closed.

Apparently, things are changing.

11. The Hans Christian Anderson Reference


Just in case you didn't know, Frozen is based on The Snow Queen, a book by Hans Christian Anderson.

He is kind of referenced in the beginning, when Elsa and Anna's dad talks about getting a new book from a Danish author.