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Justin Timberlake's Co-Star Denies Cheating Rumors After They Were Caught Holding Hands

When you're a celebrity, it's pretty easy to get caught in a moment where you don't necessarily look the best. Making a weird face at an award show, sending a particularly nasty tweet when you're not thinking clearly, it all happens to the best of them.

Getting photographed holding hands with a woman who's not your wife is a bit more rare.

For the uninitiated: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been married since 2012, and dating since 2007.

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So that's seven years of marriage and twelve years together, which is no small feat for couples in Hollywood. They've been the subject of some serious #relationshipgoals for a while.

Jessica even dressed up like Justin for Halloween this year.

Justin was obviously dressed as a microphone. If the twelve years together thing didn't clue you in that they were serious, a couples costume where one of you is literally dressed as the other is a pretty strong sign.

This weekend, some photographs of Justin with his 'Palmer' co-star Alisha Wainwright sparked rumors that Justin was not being faithful to Jessica.

In the shots, Justin and Alisha are photographed sitting on a balcony. In some shots, she has her hand on his thigh, and in others, they're holding hands underneath the table.

If you're wondering who Alisha is, she's an actress best known for her work on 'Shadowhunters.'

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Alisha's also starring opposite Michael B. Jordan in the Netflix series Raising Dion, and has had guest appearances on several television shows, like Criminal Minds, Lethal Weapon, and General Hospital.

Some fans think Justin isn't wearing his wedding ring.

This could mean that Justin and Jessica may be split up, or it might mean that he just took the ring off for whatever reason — some have suggested if they just came off filming, he may have removed it for a scene.

Fans were not happy.

A lot of fans were pointing out that Justin made an entire album about being cheated on.

Another fan wrote, "He knows better, she knows better. DO better. Married men don't let other women touch them unless they want them to. And ladies? Do better toward other women. Keep your hands off a married man. It's not hard. It's called integrity and class. SMDH."

Alisha's rep has just made a statement on the matter.

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In a statement to Us Weekly, Alisha's rep said, "There is no validity to this speculation. They are working on a project together."

Justin has not made an official comment on the photographs yet.

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That hasn't stopped fans from commenting on the situation, saying, "If Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel imma be big mad, she survived The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to deal with your unfaithful ass?"

Others claimed that it was an innocent hang out between friends.

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"I don’t care how “innocent” they say it is, as a married man, nope that’s not acceptable, period!" responded another fan.

Initially, some people thought the pictures might be taken out of context and they were actually filming a scene from the movie.

However it doesn't seem like that explanation holds water.

"Lol never mind guys, I’ve watched a longer video on this and come to the conclusion that ya, no something else is up here," wrote the same Twitter user as above.

While it's not totally clear what happened, it doesn't look good out of context.

Do you think people are blowing it out of proportion, or do you think that it was an inappropriate way for two co-workers to behave? Let us know in the comments!