11+ Clever Ideas That Aim To Make Life Better

Most of us know that living in a busy city can be challenging. Not only do we have to deal with all the vehicle and foot traffic, but there are accessibility issues in many places. On top of that, badly designed public spaces don't always help things either.

So it's wonderful to see that there are designers out there working hard to make things better for all of us.

1. These Bus Amenities

Reddit | asria

This city bus in Sweden has belts and a USB charger for every seat. How cool is that? I wish our buses here would have these features.

2. This Kid-Friendly Seat

Reddit | arm4da

Speaking of seats, this train on the Fujikyu Railway Line in Japan has a special seat for kids to keep them occupied during the ride.

3. This Traffic Light For Bikers

Reddit | paardeworst

Oh wow, I've never seen a traffic light that was specifically designed for bikers to use. That is definitely forward-thinking. Don't you think?

4. This Water Fountain


Do you see anything unusual about this water fountain? Turns out it's actually accessible not only to people, but also dogs. Thumbs up!

5. This Bike Repair Station

Reddit | amindforgotten

Oh my, wouldn't it be cool if every city had this type of bike repair station set up on at least a few streets?

6. This Bench


Somebody in this city knows how to help people relax and have fun at the same time. These city benches are equipped with build-in chess boards.

7. This Water Bottle Refill Fountain


This water bottle refill fountain also comes with an optional filter so you'll always have the cleanest water possible. I'm so digging that.

8. This Manhole Cover In Japan With Cardinal Directions

Reddit | MogarTheUnkillable

For someone like me who's directionally challenged this manhole cover is a life-saver. Can we get these installed everywhere please?

9. This Bicycle Escalator

Reddit | Isai76

I guess you'd have to move all the way to Norway to take advantage of this uphill bike escalator. Whoa, never seen anything like this.

10. This Parking Garage

Reddit | JSteezy80

No, this isn't an amusement park ride. This is an actual parking lot that comes with a slide. OMG, that's so fun. Where is this?

11. This Vertical Park

Reddit | sunflower53069

This structure in Manhattan, NYC is known to the locals as "The Shawarma" as it reminds people of the Middle Eastern food of the same name.

12. This Traffic Lane


Apparently, this particular highway has a special lane that wirelessly charges electric cars while driving. That is beyond clever and should totally be everywhere.

13. This Parking Garage

Reddit | tomoblob

Don't worry about someone banging into your car at this garage. It has soft barriers between parking spaces to stop people from scratching other cars.

I dunno if I'm weird or something, but looking at smart design like this makes me giggle like a school girl.

I wish all of these were implemented everywhere.

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