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Man Pranks San Francisco With Deceptively Realistic Apple AirPod Stickers

Some people just love being chaotically evil.

If you own a pair of Apple AirPods, you know you basically live in constant fear of losing one of those super pricey and super lose-able headphones. That's the sort of fear one person might decide to inexplicably take advantage of.

A man recently pulled a prank on all of San Francisco using one simple method: stickers. Incredibly realistic stickers, I might add. Oh, and they looked just like Apple AirPods. I hope you know where I'm going with this.

Pablo Rochat shared his dastardly prank on social media and revealed he managed to dupe plenty of unsuspecting folk.

Twitter | PabloRochat

Remember those stickers I mentioned earlier? Well, in a Twitter post he revealed he took those and stuck a bunch of them to the ground all over San Francisco.

He made sure to never place two together though — any wireless headphone owners will tell you you never lose both at the same time. That's all part of the "fun" of owning a pair.

Rochat then filmed people stumbling upon the "AirPods" and stopping to try and pick them up.

Twitter | PabloRochat

Whether thinking they were their own Pod or looking to seize an unexpected opportunity, they were all stopped in their tracks at the sight of it.

Of course, those individuals ended up simply groping uselessly at the flat ground for a moment before realizing what they were doing and miserably carrying on with their days.

According to Rochat, the prank was a huge success and was also super fun to witness.

Twitter | PabloRochat

"I often see people drop their AirPods, so I thought it would be funny to make it look like people are dropping their AirPods all over the city and see if people would try to pick them up," he told Mashable in an email. "Some people are amused by it, but a few have been angry that they were pranked. Joke's on them!"

After sharing his city-wide prank online in a series of now-viral tweets, Rochat did receive a little backlash from some unimpressed people.

Twitter | PabloRochat

"Littering and public menace," one user wrote. "Countless man hours and effort will be wasted to remove this now."

Another added, "What a d**kish thing to do. Someone who is poor and can't afford them will think 'Oooh, my lucky day!' only to be disappointed."

Of course, there were also those who applauded Rochat's wicked evilness.

"Ladies and gentlemen, chaotic evil at its prime," this user wrote.

Someone else chimed in, "This is diabolical and I love it."

Watch the full video of the prank in action below.

Rochat is actually giving his fans the chance to keep the chaos going in their own cities.

He's provided those similarly monstrously-minded folk with free printable pictures of the realistic, life-sized AirPods on his website.

Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would feel compelled to pick up a single, used Apple AirPod without its mate or a charger but hey, to each their own I guess. Prank on.

h/t: Mashable