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Dog Left Alone In Car Puts It In Reverse And Drives Around In Circles For An Hour

Bad dog, but surprisingly good driver.

A Florida dog ended up going for a bit of a joyride this week after he was left alone in his owner's running car and accidentally threw the vehicle into reverse.

But rather than get very far, the pup managed to spend nearly an entire hour doing circles in a neighborhood cul-de-sac until some very concerned and confused police officers came to his rescue.

It all went down in Port St. Lucie, Florida, when neighborhood resident Anne Sabol noticed something unusual on the street.

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According to local news station WPBF, she was startled to discover a car pulling some impressive, albeit dangerous donuts right out front of her home.

"At first I thought I saw somebody backing up, but then they kept going, and I'm like, 'OK, what're they doing?'" Sabol told the outlet.

Eventually the cops showed up, and the firefighters. All the while the car's driver continued their reckless stunts.

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It wasn't until the vehicle slammed into a mailbox, some garbage cans, and a few bricks left outside of someone's home that it finally came to a stop.

At that point, police officers were able to safely approach the car and get a look at its too fast and too furious of a driver.

Imagine their surprise when they discovered it was a dog driving like a reckless teen through the neighborhood.

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"When the cops got the door open a black dog jumped out," Sabol reported. "I was like, 'they should give that thing a license.'"

As it turns out, the road-raging pup was left alone in the running car while his owner, who wished to remain anonymous, stepped out.

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Thankfully, no one was injured while the dog drove in circles for almost an entire hour, and his owner has promised to fix the mailbox that was smashed during the incident.

Port St. Lucie Police Department posted a short clip of the scene on their Facebook page which has already been viewed almost 50,000 times.

Another video was posted to YouTube which shows the car in full donut-spinning action.

This clip has over 78,000 views and includes quite possibly the most perfect description of the entire incident:

"If you’re ever confused, there are several dead giveaways to prove you’re in Florida. First, there’s the sandy white beaches. Second, you’ve got your palm trees. And third, you see a dog behind the wheel of a moving car."

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