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Oswald The Pup Has A Cute Mis-Matched Face And A Heartwarming Story

Finding the perfect dog for you and your family can be tough. There are so many loving, wonderful dogs out there in need of homes, but it can take a lot of trial and error to find that one pooch that was meant to be a member of your family.

It can be especially hard after the passing of another beloved dog. Finding a pupper who can fill that empty space in your family, complementing their predecessor without replacing them, and bringing comfort during the grieving process, can seem impossible.

Sometimes, the right dog has to find you.

And Oswald, the lucky dog with the most photogenic, mis-matched little face ever, was just such a pup.

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Oswald's new human mom, Christine, had lost her "heart dog", a bull terrier named Ichabod, and like anyone who has lost a pet, she struggled with whether or not to bring a new dog into her home.

It took her a long time to feel comfortable with the idea at all.

Once decided, she and her husband began looking for the right dog.

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They focused on bull terriers, dobermans, and basset hounds, which were their favorite breeds, and spent a whole year visiting breeders, applying to adopt rescues, and responding to ads.

One after another, the opportunities fell through. Other families were chosen to adopt a particular pup or Christine would struggle to connect with a single dog at an adoption event.

It was disheartening and she was ready to give up on the idea of ever finding a dog she could love like Ichabod.

Finally, her husband decided to step in and brought Oswald home.

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Christine told me:

"He said Frenchies are great with kids and that because that breed wasn't even one we thought of we would have no preconceptions. Nothing for it to live up to. A clean slate. Someone to help us all heal. Not a dog for just him or just me or just the girls, but for us as a family. "

By no longer thinking of a new dog as a "replacement" for Ichabod, they were able to find a pupper that could fit in a whole new way.

It certainly didn't hurt that Oswald is the cutest dog I have ever seen.

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(And yes, I'm even including my own pups in that equation. Ozzie is just that cute.)

Christine describes him as being a pretty mellow puppy, but still super silly. As she explained, he's "affectionate, a perfect gentleman who has listened to all my struggles without judgement. Assertive, diligently 'guarding' the house as if he were one of the tough breeds we originally looked into."

Unsurprisingly, Ozzie gets a ton of attention whenever he's out in public.

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Even his human grandma, who openly dislikes dogs, has allowed him to cuddle with her.

"I say he's definitely achieved his purpose of helping our family heal, learn, and then some," Christine said.

Ozzie just turned six months old, so his magical effect on his new family is only just beginning.

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And if you follow him on Instagram you can get a dose of happy from those beautiful eyes whenever you want!

Seriously, Ozzie is one of the cutest, most photogenic doggos I've ever seen — and it's my job to look at cute animals all day.

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