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The 'Frozen' Cast Sang Songs From The Movie Dressed As Their Characters

Unless you've lived under an iceberg since 2013, you probably haven't been able to avoid Frozen Fever following the release of the incredibly popular Frozen film and now it's much-anticipated sequel.

The cast of 'Frozen' is getting in the frenzy of it all by dressing up as their characters from the movie.

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It's honestly so cute, even if I do kind of feel bad for Josh Gad having to lug himself around in that Olaf costume. Where would he be lugging himself around, you ask?

Obviously to do a musical on a crosswalk with James Corden.

Where else?

While I probably wouldn't be looking forward to my drive to work being interrupted by a bunch of singing and dancing celebrities, I think I might make an exception for the cast of Frozen.

I might be mad at first, but I'd eventually let it go.