People Are Upcycling Mannequins Into Gorgeous Christmas Tree 'Gowns'

A while ago a wrote about non-traditional Christmas trees and how they were great alternatives to the typical green Christmas tree. Now I have stumbled upon yet another interesting idea.

It seems that people are decorating their Christmas trees to make them look just like a mannequin dress. And I find that idea so fascinating. Let's take a look at what that actually entails.

Apparently, you can do this in various ways.

You can either use chicken wire laced with all sorts of greenery or you can just use a mannequin form.

If you are using wire to create this stunning look you can use just a partial silhouette.

Then you can just pin the various branches using floral pins.

If you are using an actual mannequin frame the process is pretty similar.

You can do a partial silhouette and attach the branches only at the bottom with the help of some chicken wire.

You can also cover the entire dress in greenery, similar to how it was done here.

Either way, you're pretty much free to follow an example that resonates with you.

Whichever way you choose, the best part is that you can decorate the tree however you like.

So it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Just take a look at this gorgeous example.

I can't believe how stunning this dress, er, tree is. It's such a unique take on the traditional Christmas tree.

This version reminds me of a prom dress or some sort of ballroom gown.

It's definitely decked out to be the life of the party. I'm loving the gold accents.

Don't be shy when it comes to decorating this tree.

You can make it as glamorous as you like. I absolutely love this chic silk top and the pearl necklaces here.

Here they actually used the entire mannequin to make their tree.

This is another take on the same concept. And it's also a fun alternative. I'm digging the red outfit.

I really like this version as well that uses a black corset top.

I appreciate the fact they added some gold ornaments for that festive feel.

What do you think about this little number?

I think this is quite delightful. I adore that they used large poinsettias for accents because they look simply gorgeous.

This one would be perfect for those who are inspired by vintage styles.

This is such an interesting take on this whole dress Christmas tree concept. This is absolutely lovely.

You don't necessarily have to make the tree look as fancy as some of these more elaborate examples.

You can just keep it simple and still evoke that chic holiday look.

I had no idea this holiday dress tree was a thing.

I honestly never would have thought of it before. But now I totally get the concept. It's so pretty!

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