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Nessa The Tiny Cavalier Shows That The Runt Of The Litter Can Make It Big

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the tinier something is, the cuter it is. That's how the Jane Austen quote goes, right?

Just kidding. About the Austen part, not that smaller means cuter. That's a bonafide fact.

Also a fact: Nessa the Tiniest Cavalier is really, really cute.

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At only seven pounds, it's easy to assume that Nessa is still a puppy, but he's actually two years old.

Nessa was the runt of his litter.

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Even though tiny runts can be cute, a lot of people avoid adopting them because they're afraid of possible health issues that have caused the puppy to be so much smaller than their litter mates.

But Nessa is perfectly healthy. Just small.

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And I think we can agree that he totally makes his size work for him.

Look at those eyes!

Nessa is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Instagram | @nessathecavalier

The average weight of an adult male is between nine and fifteen pounds, so he's not that much lighter than the minimum, but the proportion of his head to his body makes the effect even stronger.

If you want to see more of his incredible little face, follow Nessa on Instagram @nessathecavalier.