Donald Trump's Wild Handwriting Is Now Available As A Font Called 'Tiny Hand'

Forget Times New Roman, ditch Comic Sans, and say hasta la vista to Helvetica because there's one font out there that blows all others right out of the water. In fact, it's just the sort of inspiration you'll need to write your next Econ 101 paper or give your resume a much-needed glo-up.

It's called "Tiny Hand" and it's a font entirely dedicated to President Trump's unmistakable, crazy handwriting.

If you've never seen what Trump's own handwriting looks like, just check out this picture of his personal speaking notes.

Getty Images | Mark Wilson

The comically huge, blocky, sort-of-all-caps-but-also-sort-of-not font is totally unique to Trump and is instantly recognizable, thanks to its frequent spotlight in the media.

We just can't get enough of the man's bizarre writing and choppy speech notes, particularly since in the above shot, he misspelled his Ukrainian counterpart's name.

In fact, his handwriting has made the front pages a few times before, too.

In this particular shot from July 2019, Trump clutches at handwritten speech notes in which he spelled the Islamist militant organisation Al-Qaeda as "Alcaida."

Back in 2016, BuzzFeed News posted a satirical piece titled "Exclusive and Completely Factual Snapshot of Donald Trump's Speech Notes."

Buzzfeed News | James Hannaham

The article was made up of a single photo which contributor James Hannaham purported to be taken directly from the president's very own desk.

Of course, its comical subject matter betrayed its falsehood, but it still made for a good laugh, considering how eerily well the text mirrored Trump's own writing. As it turns out, this picture was BuzzFeed's way of introducing their new, totally free and totally downloadable Trump-inspired font.

BuzzFeed typographer Mark Davis expertly created the font, pulling inspiration from a series of revisions Trump personally made to a *Vanity Fair* article.

Vanity Fair | Graydon Carter

According to BuzzFeed, he used such examples as the one above to digitize Trump's instantly recognizable text and turned it into the typeface quite aptly titled, "Tiny Hand," which you can download for free here.

Now you can give everything you write a little extra something special, courtesy of this custom font.

FYI, that "something special" is a typeface that literally looks like some bizarre hybrid of Walt Disney's own handwriting and Joyce Byers' Christmas lights alphabet text from Stranger Things, scribbled furiously with a Sharpie Magnum.

Tell me I'm wrong.

h/t: Buzzfeed News

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