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Yoo-Hoo's New Vanilla Flavor Has Been Spotted On Walmart Shelves

As a child, you may be familiar with drinking a little chocolatey drink by the name Yoo-Hoo. Over the years, the milk-ish beverage has created a few different flavors, but their latest flavor might send Gen Xers and Millennials running to Walmart.

Like many questionable sugary products we consumed as a kid, and quite frankly continue to cosume, Yoo-Hoo was an easy lunch box staple for busy parents.

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Maybe not the healthiest, but hey — even Adam Sandler liked it, finding it a way to make it adult-friendly by incorporating some rum.

The milk-like beverage has come along way from its chocolatey roots. Over the years, Yoo-hoo has come out with a few different innovative flavors.

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Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Strawberry, and Chocolate Banana are a few that have kept people adding the nostalgic treat to grocery lists.

Now, they've released a new Vanilla flavor that apparently tastes like a melted vanilla shake or melted ice cream.

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That is, according to Front Page Food Finds.

The vanilla cone on the packaging might give that away, too.

So far, it's only been spotted at Walmart in packs of 10.

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Are you planning on giving this new Yoo-hoo a try? Let us know in the comments!

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