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Lonely, Blind Bison Comes Out Of Her Shell After Befriending Calf Named Oliver

We all know that the power of friendship is real and it's mighty, but we usually associate it with human friendships.

Animals bond and love each other, but can they really have the sort of deep friendships that truly change someone for the better?

Of course they can, and if you don't believe me, then keep reading this story about Helen the blind bison.

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For years, Helen was neglected due to her disability. She lived alone and only really interacted with the farmer that owned her at meal times.

When she was taken in by Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, she wasn't used to being around other animals.

The sanctuary's focus is on rescuing abused and neglected farm animals, rehabilitating them and even finding them new homes.

Instagram | @lighthousefarmsanctuary

Gwen Jakubisin, sanctuary executive director, told USA Today that Helen was skittish around the other animals and didn't get along with any "pasture pals" they attempted to introduce her to.

They might have given up on finding her animal companionship until a curious calf named Oliver was born.

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Oliver's mom, Betsy, is a dairy cow that had been rescued in 2016.

The little calf didn't let Helen's skittishness scare him and quickly broke down the barriers loneliness had built inside her.

She became like a nanny to the calf.

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Betsy trusted Helen with her baby, leaving him there in the pasture for hours. Oliver's warm golden coloring even began to turn a darker shade closer to Helen's.

Since Oliver broke down her walls, Helen has become good friends with many of the sanctuary's animals.

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From dogs, to pigs, to even new calves, Helen welcomes them all like a big furry grandma.

Oliver is all grown up now, but still spends plenty of time in the pasture.

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Looks at that majestic bull! He's even kept the dark fur.

Oliver taught Helen how to take care of others.

And now she's passing that knowledge along to the next generation of sanctuary animals.

You can follow Helen, Oliver and their animal friends on Instagram @lighthousefarmsanctuary.

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