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Man Gives The Holidays A Monster-Sized Makeover With A Godzilla Christmas Tree

For some people, simply sticking tinsel, twinkly lights, and random baubles onto their Christmas tree just isn't good enough.

They like to use these festive beacons of the holiday season as a sort of extension of their extra-ness. So you can bet they're putting a lot more effort into turning just an everyday, ho-hum tree into something spectacular.

And I think perhaps I've found the most extra tree possible.

I give you: the Godzilla Christmas tree (or *Treezilla*, if you will.)

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According to the New Zealand Herald, this homemade holiday beast is the brainchild of Steven Newland, a Christmas fanatic with a penchant for creating some truly bizarre but totally enviable trees.

Four years ago, Newland and his neighbors decided to hold a little competition.

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They wanted to see who could come up with the most awe-inspiring Christmas tree. Of course, Newland went big and created an upside-down "time portal" tree, with one half top-down on the floor and the other popping out of the ceiling.

He completed the impressive piece with backwards-running clocks and Doctor Who inspired gadgets because everyone knows a "time portal" tree is nothing without a Time Lord.

Since then, Newland's turned his fascinating tree art into an annual Christmas tradition.

Two years ago, he made the world's very first Pac-Man Christmas tree, and it was definitely a thing of beauty.

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The expertly-crafted piece lit up his living room with blue lights, made to resemble the classic arcade game.

While the Man himself didn't exactly move around the maze, I think it's safe to say this was one tree Newland couldn't possible have topped.

Until 2018, that is.

It took Newland two weeks to design and assemble his Godzilla-inspired creation, but it was well worth the labor.

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The 1.8-meter tall beast was made from four large faux Christmas trees, chicken wire, a smoke machine, and LED lights.

It breathes smoke, has plastic teeth, paper talons, and even a pair of glowing red eyes to really bring the whole look together.

This year, Newland's *Treezilla* was listed on the online auction site Trade Me and has currently received some $300 in bids.

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He told Stuff.co that while he won't disclose the actual cost of constructing the impressive tree, he hopes he can make at least some of that money back while also putting some of the funds towards his next creation.

He also added that any extra money will be donated to CanTeen, an Australian organization that supports teenagers living with cancer.

Newland said his impressive Christmas creations have brought him and his friends plenty of joy.

Facebook | Steven Newland

"Everyone finds it a great laugh," he said. "A lot of my friends get quite excited to see what tree I will do next. They send suggestions on what I can do."

The fearsome tree will be available online for auction until November 27, when bidding officially closes.


TradeMe spokesperson Millie Silvester dubbed Newland's Godzilla tree a piece of Kiwi ingenuity.

"There's currently 450 Christmas trees on site, but nothing quite like this," she said. "Over the years we've seen tonnes of listings for Christmas trees and decorations but never a smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree."

You can place your bid for this beastly tree here.

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