'Zoey 101' Cast Reunited On Instagram For An Announcement

Zoey 101 is a classic show for a lot of millenials, whether you want to admit it or not.

Right when Britney Spears was taking a much-needed break from Hollywood, her sister, Jamie rose to the occasion and made a name for herself in Hollywood.

'Zoey 101' was a show that portrayed the life a lot of kids wished they could have had.

Don't deny it!

We all wanted to be as fashionable, cool, and as creative as Zoey. Not to mention we all dreamed about a cool boarding school right by the beach.

Recently, the gang came together for some pretty big news...


I'll give you some clues: it keeps up with the trend of reboots and revivals that have been taking over Hollywood lately.

Paul Butcher was the one who took to Instagram to make the huge announcement!


Butcher played Dustin, Zoey's little brother.

By now, you probably guessed what they were teasing...

Yes, it's yet another reunion.

Butcher wrote: "The cast of Zoey 101 is returning to Nickelodeon officially!! See us on “All That” next year.. with more to come ;) 🤫"

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