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Loving Mom Uses Childhood Ornaments To Brighten Up Her Kid's Small Apartment

Moving out of your parents' house can be a huge culture shock. It's incredible to have your own space with your own rules and tons of freedom. But it also means that you're on the hook for bills and chores, and you may miss the support of your family.

It can be especially tough during the holidays when you may not be able to visit and your apartment is too small for the kind of tree and decorations you're used to.

Sure, there are small "apartment" trees or trends like upside-down trees, but it's not the same.

That cozy holiday feeling is less about the specific items, but more about a feeling. There's a nostalgic component to holidays that a four-foot fake tree crammed in the corner of a studio apartment just can't compete with.

Which is probably why one thoughtful mom got a ton of love on Reddit.

The image was shared in the r/aww subreddit, which is a place for "things that make you go 'aww.'"

Unsurprisingly, many of the things shared there are animals, but the occasional human gets featured too.

It was totally the right place for Redditor LasagnaCena to post her photo of her mom with an adorable Christmas wreath.

Reddit | LasagnaCena

Of course, it was the context that made it truly aww-worthy:

"My mom remembered I don't have room in my place for a Christmas tree, so she made me this wreath with built-in lights and all the ornaments from when I was a kid."

OMG that is the cutest and sweetest thing ever.


The post received over 80,000 upvotes and tons of comments. Many people said that they recognized a lot of the ornaments from their own childhoods.

Other people shared stories about their own moms and how much they loved them.


Some moms even chimed in and said that they were inspired to do something similar for their adult kids living away from home.

It really was just a lovely outpouring of good vibes. Which is what the holiday season is all about.